Lodge Safaris tanzania

Lodge Safaris tanzania

During the Tanzanian Lodge Safaris, you have the opportunity to experience the unique fauna and landscape of Tanzania without providing the comfort of a hotel. We offer something for everyone and for every taste, starting from simple but beautifully located lodges to fantastic camping camps. Our proposed accommodations in our programmes are all based on good, clean and reputable lodging. Any of these establishments can also be changed according to your wishes.

Tanzania is the home of Safari inheritance and nothing gives us more pleasure than to share our knowledge and passion for this stunning country with you.

Tanzania dedicates more of its landmass to protection than any other country in Africa. An exciting 25 % of the country is protected as national park, game reserve or game controlled area providing sanctuary for some of the largest, wildest and most intense population of wildlife on earth.

Charms such as Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, the Great Migration, Mount Kilimanjaro and the spicy, tropical island of Zanzibar allure travellers to our shores again and again.

Wild Secret Safaris’ tour itineraries capture the soul of adventure as well as ensuring that this cultural and natural heritage is sealed for future generations.

Tanzania’s spectacular wildlife includes lions, cheetah, leopard, several smaller cat species, elephant, rhino, buffalo, wildebeest and zebra, primates (including chimpanzee) many species of antelope and gazelle, crocodile and over one thousand two hundred species of colourful and exciting birds.

You can have a wonderful experience at any time of the year; each season offers something slightly different so depending on your interests and plan, ask our experts about the best option for you and all the suitable arrangements will be made.