Lake Eyasi

Lake Eyasi

Lake Eyasi, home of Hadzabe (Bushmen) and Datoga Hunting with Hadzabe (Bushmen),
Visiting them is like stepping into a movie (like “The gods must be crazy”). You can spend time with them by
visit their village. The Hadzabe are hunter gatherers and are the last remaining bushman of Tanzania. by visit the Datoga tribe is to to experience their local way of life.

Uniquely beautiful Lake Eyasi lies at 1030m between the Eyasi escarpment in the north and the Kidero Mountains in the south. Like Lake Natron far to the northeast, Eyasi makes a rewarding detour on a Ngorongoro trip for anyone looking for something remote and different. The lake itself varies considerably in size depending on the rains, and supports a mix of waterbirds including huge breeding-season (June to November) populations of flamingos and pelicans. In the dry season it’s little more than a parched lake bed, adding to the rather other-worldly, primeval ambiance of the area.

The traditional Hadzabe lend a soulful human presence to the region. Also in the area are the Iraqw (Mbulu), a people of Cushitic origin who arrived about 2000 years ago, and the Datoga, noted metalsmiths whose dress and culture is quite similar to those of the Maasai.

You can book our 5 Days Lake Natron and Lake Eyasi to enjoy this majestic but also all of our tours are well customized as you can request the best day of visiting this indigenous village in Lake Eyasi