Rashid Ally

Rashid Ally – Wild Secret Safaris Admistrator

Here is the story telling about him, after converted to Islam.

I bone Muslim as everybody comes in this world is Muslim but I bone in Christianity family because my mom was a Christian, my Dad is Muslim but sadly I have never lived with him in my entire life. My mom got a Muslim men the she decided to move to Muslim and get marriage with him. Then they went to stay a bit far from me and I continue to grow in Christianity family with my Great mother (my mother’s sister) while am going to school.

I remained a Christian until to finish standard seven (I was 13 yrs old), then I took a breath to go to my mother while waiting for school results so by starting living with my mom I loved to change to Islam and my mom loved my thought.

I wondered my mom took me to madrasa and meet Shehk Malik mediately after hear my say that I want to move from Christian but was not very serious to me, after that my mom told me that if any one wants to be Muslim do not take a time to wait you should help him o her to change as fast as you can.

So I grew with the name Sebastian was famous in the area I grew on because i was looked as most clever student in my class and in the street too, so were not many people knew about my revert, Government know me as Sebastian Ally in meaning of all my certificates, but inside I have Rashid which is the name represent me as Muslim.

I meet Mussa Gora when I was looking for a job then Mussa took a time to know me about my religion and my education in Islam rules

We love to do with Muslims and we are really providing Tanzania Muslim Friendly Tours.

Thank you for taking time to real short history,