Tipping In Your Safari Tanzania

Tipping in your Safari and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Safari Tips

Not obligatory, but a tip for exceptional service would be appreciated. Here are some general ranges of tipping per person per day / per vehicle
Number of people in a vehicle / Tipping guideline

1 person / $15 to $30 per person per day
2 people / $12 to $22 per person per day
3 people / $11 to $18 per person per day
4 people / $10 to $16 per person per day
5 people / $9 to $14 per person per day
6 people / $8 to $12 per person per day

If you are on a camping safari, it is felt that your cook should be tipped in similar measure to your safari guide (as they work as a team). At most lodges/camps there is a tip box at the front desk. We recommend that you use the tip box instead of tipping individuals so that everyone who made your experience enjoyable can share, even those behind the scenes. At most lodges and camps, someone will carry your luggage and you might feel compelled to tip them separately but that is up to you. Regarding other activities such as a canoe safari, bike ride, cultural visit, etc. each particular guide or company has been paid by Wild Secret Safaris but in some cases you might feel compelled to offer a tip for exceptional service. In that case, it is purely a personal decision, but you might think of something in the range of $5 to $20 per group depending on the amount and level of service.These are general guidelines and you should feel free to tip as you see appropriate. Ask your guide in other instances if you are not sure whether to tip.

Kilimanjaro Tips

Tipping recommendations from the trekking group (not per climber):
Guides: $20/day
Assistant Guides: $15/day
Cook: $10/day
Porter: $7/day

How many guides?

Expect 2 guides per 2 hikers and 1 cook per 8 hikers.

How many porters you will have on your Kilimanjaro climb

For the best experience and suitable for our crew on Kilimanjaro climbing, we arrange a minimum of 3 porters per hiker on Kilimanjaro. Sometimes extra porters are required based on the weight of the luggage.

Recommended tipping budget for Kilimanjaro hiking.

Budget $200-250 per hiker for tips for a 6-day trek.