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kilimanjaro climbing routes

Kilimanjaro Climbing Route, Which Route should you opt?

Climbing Kilimanjaro is absolutely an experience of a life time! Check out our best Kilimanjaro itineraries and all you need to know about climbing Kilimanjaro.

Mount Kilimanjaro trekking is one of the world’s best summits achievement, a proud for visitors from around the world. Most climbers reach the summit of Kilimanjaro with little more than a walking stick, proper clothing and determination. And those who reach Uhuru Point, the actual summit, or Gillman’s Point on the lip of the crater, will earn their Kilimanjaro climbing certificates for their longer lasting memories.

Which is the Best Kilimanjaro Climbing Route?

You have many options better very few better options of which route to take on your Kilimanjaro climbing. Our Kilimanjaro team climbs through all routes of Kilimanjaro but we sat down and sharing with Kilimanjaro Guides, Atitude Doctors and Geographers to get three safer, higher successfull summit route, and altitude friends routes.

Then we decided to operate only Four Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes;- Marangu Route, Machame Route, Lemosho Route and Kilimanjaro Northern Route.